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How It Started...

In 2020, our co-founder Dr. Mari-Luci Cerda, an Indigenous Autist and board-certified behavior analyst realized she must do her part to address the inequitable access to opportunities available to marginalized, non-dominant students entering the field of behavior science. With the help and encouragement of her fellow founders, The Lighthouse of Equitable Access and Practices (LEAP) Institute was formed!

Today, we are actively working to tackle the primary obstacle facing most students. By addressing financial barriers hindering access to supervision and testing support, LEAP has provided supervision and study group scholarships to over 40 non-dominant supervisees so far! 

We are excited to see the faces of our field reflect the rich diversity of families we serve.

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Meet The LEAP Board


Jennifer Saldana De Leon


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Andrea Moreno-Juarez


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Christina Herrera



Margaret Hatteberg


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