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Equitable Access 

for Aspiring BCBAs

By reducing the financial burden many applicants face and also provide a community of support, The LEAP Institute looks to increase equitable access for marginalized groups entering into the field of behavior analysis.

Our Mission

In 2020 the Behavior Analysis Certification Board released demographics of current practitioners in the field. The disparity of diverse practitioners revealed in this data is a critical issue that we saw as a call to action.


Our mission is to actively address the increasing disparity of behavioral services for our BIPOC, non-BIPOC, LGBTQ, and Neurodiverse populations facing vulnerability and isolation by proactively supporting diverse practitioner growth within the field of behavior analysis.

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Our Plan

Reduce or remove financial barriers hindering marginalized groups seeking entry into the behavioral field by offering scholarships for:

O Supervision

O Mentorship

O Test Fees and more

Cultivate a community of mentorship that is:

O Supportive of diverse practitioners and supervisees

O Inclusive of diverse works and research

O Beneficial to both supervisors and supervisees

Support Diversity in ABA

Together, we can create equitable opportunities and create an inclusive community of diverse professionals.

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