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The LEAP Institute is a pioneering, non-profit educational institution that draws inspiration from Waldorf and Montessori philosophies, creating a unique and inclusive learning environment for children with disabilities. Rooted in a holistic approach to education, our school is committed to fostering the overall development of each child, recognizing and addressing their individual needs with a focus on personalized learning.

Waldorf and Montessori principles serve as the foundational pillars, emphasizing experiential and hands-on learning, encouraging creativity, and fostering a deep connection between students and their surroundings. Through these methodologies, we aim to provide a nurturing and engaging atmosphere that supports not only academic growth but also the social, emotional, and physical well-being of each child.

In addition to the Waldorf and Montessori influences, our school integrates trauma-informed practices to create a safe and supportive space for children who may have experienced various challenges. Understanding the impact of trauma on learning, our educators are trained to approach teaching with sensitivity and empathy, tailoring their methods to meet the unique needs of each student.

What sets our institution apart is its core role as a teaching site, akin to teaching hospitals in the medical field. We serve as a hub for professional development, where interns and new practitioners in education and contextual behavior sciences come to learn and refine their skills. This collaborative environment encourages a continuous exchange of knowledge and expertise, enriching the educational experience for both students and educators alike.

At LEAP, we believe that education is a lifelong journey, and our commitment to innovation and collaboration reflects our dedication to shaping the future of inclusive and effective learning environments for children with disabilities. Through a blend of proven educational philosophies and cutting-edge practices, we strive to empower both students and educators to reach their full potential and make a positive impact on the broader community.

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